Monday, July 14, 2014

First Post and Newest Project

So here begins my inaugural blog post. I'm not sure what made me wait so long to begin but I guess that's the hardest part of any task, the start.  I created this blog for me to share my sewing projects, and hopefully inspire others as I have gained so much inspiration from other bloggers like Gertiepeneloping, katy and laney and closetcasefiles.

Since starting to sew way back as a teenager, my skills have grown so much. It all started with my mom who inspired my interest. She made all of our Halloween costumes and Easter dresses, and I remember seeing her work on projects hour after hour. Since I wanted to learn, we got started. She showed me how to thread the machine and wind the bobbin, but from then on, and using the manual, I taught myself. I learned everything as I needed to know it. When I needed to hem, I learned it, when I needed to insert a zipper, I learned it. Being self taught, and trying to figure out "the easiest and fastest way" I developed bad habits, like sewing over pins, not pressing my seams, etc.  Now that I value quality over quantity, I've been "unlearning" my old habits and doing things the "right" way (Although I still struggle sometimes!!).

Even if I can't get to my machine, I spend a good part of every day learning, researching, reading or daydreaming about future projects, techniques, ideas...I'm sort of obsessed.

I am not a great writer or conversationalist, so I will usually try to keep the writing short, enough to get my point across or share an idea.

So anyway, here is my first project. It's Simplicity 2250. The pattern was not the easiest and I actually attempted this 2 years ago and became so frustrated with my poor marking skills and all the darts! Once you've got the darts in it's somewhat smooth sailing. I used a kind of unidentifiable material from my favorite fabric store (more about Affordable Fabric in some other post). It's sort of cottony with a sheen to it. I finished hemming just in time to pin up my hair and leave for the wedding!

I changed up the skirt as I felt that the patterns version looked a little bit messy with some gathering and a random dart thrown in. I just gathered the whole thing.

The only thing I would re-do is the hem, I wish I did a blind hem since it's pretty obvious.

Of course I needed to post a couple shot!! By the way, the little bow tie was made by yours truly also!

Now that I've gotten my first post out of the way, and I see how easy it is, I look forward to sharing more! 


  1. Sam, You are a great conversationalist, so enough of that. I actually kind of like the hem - it makes it look like there's a satin ribbon across the bottom. Keep up the great work!

    1. Thank you!! I guess when you put yourself out there it makes you a little vulnerable and self conscious. Thanks for the support!

  2. Sam, This dress looks gorgeous on you...perfect, to a tee. You are a very talented and beautiful person. Congratulations on this new adventure!