Friday, August 1, 2014

Lady Skater Dress

Sometimes a super simple project is all you need to boost your confidence and refresh your love of the craft.  While nothing is more satisfying than when you've been working on endless seams and hems and everything match up perfectly, it was nice to plow through this dress start to finish in about 2 hours. I used the beloved Lady Skater Dress and have plans to make many many more!

I used a super stretchy knit from my favorite fabric store, serged all the seams together and used my new cover stitch machine to hem the skirt. Elastic around the waist keeps it from stretching out.

Thank you Ryan for being so patient and taking all these pictures! It was his birthday, you know!

Woohoo! Windy day 
This pattern is so versatile, and a blank canvas for plenty of alterations and embellishments that I'm sure it'll become a staple in my pattern collection :)

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